A happy marriage begins with a happy wife.


A Video Introduction

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A Love Letter

from One Wife to Another...

Married life is not always easy.

You've come to the realization deep down inside that your marriage is not where you want it to be.

You know that your marriage can be so much better.

When you fell in love and married the man of your dreams, you thought you would live happily ever after.  Right?

You found your person. Your soulmate. Your lovemate. The person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.

Then, somewhere along the way, things changed. You've tried this and you've tried that but you can't seem to get things back on track.

Being a wife is a very big job.  You’re taking care of your hubby, your kids, your house, your job and everything else in between.

Your to-do list is constantly overflowing and your marriage often takes a back seat because of it.

All in all, your married life has not panned out exactly how you had imagined, and you find yourself thinking.....

  • I want things to be like they used to be.
  • I tried so many things but can't seem to figure out what to do next.
  • We don’t go out on date nights anymore.
  • The kids and the job have become a priority over our marriage.
  • We are not connected like we used to be.
  • We love each other but it doesn't feel like we're in love anymore.
  • The passion is gone and we feel more like roommates instead of soulmates.
  • Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone.

Sound familiar?

You never thought that you would get 1 year later, 5 years later, 15 years later and feel this way about your marriage.

If you've had any of these thoughts about your marriage, you're not alone. In fact, give yourself a pat on the back because you're brave enough to stand in your truth 💯

You deserve to be a happy wife!

You must DO YOUR PART to try and improve things.

But where do you start?!

You first start with identifying what is your end goal.  How do you want your married life to look life?

Do you want to be a happy wife who feels like:

  • You feel loved.
  • You feel heard.
  • You feel appreciated.
  • You and your hubby love each other but you also really like each other too.
  • You’re in sync.
  • Your arguments are few and far in between.
  • You’re a team and have each other’s back.
  • You’re growing together.
  • You’re sharing more with each other than just space, kids, and bills.

If that's what you want your married life to be like, then you're in the right place!

You have to be committed to do your part to bring out the best in you, and let the best of you, bring out the best in your marriage.

There are things that YOU CAN DO to positively influence your man and your marriage.

So, let me formally introduce you to.....

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The most comprehensive marital program for wives who want to unlock the secrets to the husband hacks so you can feel loved, heard, and appreciated in your marriage.

This online group coaching program comes with:

  • Training on how to level up your marriage
  • The kind of homework that will help you see results - I call it the LoveWork Exercises to get the love going again!
  • Q&A sessions to dive into the specifics of your relationship.
  • LoveList - a curated list of books to read for extra reinforcement.
  • Regular ticket to the next Wives Only Affair® Virtual WifeFest event - a personal invitation to celebrate and empower wives.

Did you know that there are 7 critical success factors that you need to: 1) understand and 2) implement to level up your marriage?

Once you level up your marriage, you will level up your happiness as a wife.

That's why this marital program dives into the 7 critical success factors for a happy marriage, which are: communication, sex, friendship, conflict, finances, trust, and expectations.

These 7 critical success factors will either make or break your marriage!  So, pay close attention so you can apply these principles and reap the benefits of being a happier wife.

Once you complete this comprehensive marital program, you will be able to say that you have the DNA of a Happy Wife®



You can have tough conversations in a way that brings love and understanding to the table. Ensuring your point is being made each time you and your spouse talk, without the drama of yelling and screaming. You know how to speak to your spouse in a respectful way, and not in the same manner in which you speak to your children or your co-workers - because there’s definitely a difference!



You can express your sexuality in a way that fulfills you while rekindling the connection with your spouse. Being open to trying new things to spice things up. Avoiding the trap of using sex (or the lack thereof) to punish your spouse when things are less than ideal. Keeping your sexual encounters exciting and fun.



You have a meaningful friendship with your spouse where you genuinely like each other. You want to spend time with each other. Knowing how to engage your spouse in taking interest in the things that interest you brings you closer together. Initiating fun activities that you and your bae can do that will generate excitement and laughter.



You respect your husband’s thoughts and feelings even when you don’t agree with them. When discussions turn into arguments, you know how to fight fair. Knowing how to control and manage your anger and handling disagreements in a fair way instead of retreating and giving the silent treatment or bringing out cynicism and sarcasm. Keeping your cool and getting through conflict is paramount to diffusing a sticky situation.




You are responsible in your spending and your savings. Working your plan for eliminating debt will catapult you and your husband into being the next power couple. You have regular money meetings and manage the finances for generational wealth. Having a grip on your finances will give you opportunities to live out your dreams to the fullest.



You trust your spouse. Your spouse trusts you. You feel safe and secure. You have the freedom to share your innermost thoughts and feelings with each other. You have moved on from past hurts. Having trust and rebuilding trust is a priority that is the foundation to having a very strong bond.



You communicate your realistic expectations to your spouse. You hold firm to the things that matter the most. You are not trying to handle it all and you seek help when needed.  You speak with confidence and hold him accountable for his part. Learning to accept what you cannot change is a sign of maturity.

It's time for you to unlock the secrets to the best husband hacks so you can feel loved, heard, and appreciated in your marriage.

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How else will this program help you?

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Improve your self-esteem, your self-worth, and your self-confidence in your role as a wife.
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Get the courage to take the right action steps to move your marriage from blah to bliss.
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Reduce your headache and your heartache so you don't lose your mind in the process.

Here’s what the DNA of a Happy Wife looks like.....

You’ve connected with your spouse in a way that makes your heart melt. When you think of your spouse, you can’t help but to put a big smile on your face. And guess what, when he thinks of you, he puts a big smile on his face too! You two are in rhythm. Yes, he has his quirks (and so do you), but there’s no other place you’d rather be than with him.

You have realistic expectations of each other…that is not based on other people’s marriages but it is based on what works best for your marriage. There’s no confusion about who does what and you’re able to get your hubby’s help around the house and with the kids so that you are less stressed, tired and overwhelmed.

You have a true partnership. You have each other's back. It’s not you vs. him or him vs. you. It’s you two against the world! You’re partners in love and partners in life! You can take a load off and laugh with each other because it’s so much fun when you spend quality time together. You make date night a priority. You keep things fresh and spontaneous and it keeps him on his toes and him wanting to go all out for you. It feels so good. You’re dating your hubby all over again.

You’re so in sync. You know and speak each other’s love language. You and your bae have open lines of communication. You can share your innermost desires and frustrations without being ridiculed or dismissed. You can even talk about the difficult stuff with ease. Can you say, “no more misunderstandings”?

Your arguments are few and far in between; and when those heated moments come, you know how to fight fair and you don’t need a referee to keep you both in your corners. You can agree to disagree without hitting below the belt. And you top it all off with some makeup sex!

You and your boo are sexually satisfied. You can’t wait to jump online to your favorite lingerie boutique to pick out that special “something something” to make you feel extra special with a little peek-a-boo pieces that you know your hubby will drool over. You have the confidence to talk about what pleases you in the bedroom.

Trust is the foundation of your relationship. You feel safe and secure. He’s your rock and you trust your hubby in a way where you don’t feel the need to check his phone and social media accounts.

You make key financial decisions together. You talk about your dreams and create ways to grow old with each other. You’re saving together for the luxury vacations you’ll take and you are having monthly budget meetings to check your progress on creating a nice nest egg for when the kids move out of the house.


The DNA of a Happy Wife® is perfect for you if...

You are married to a hubby who is a complete handful and you need some tips to keep from going off on him.

You have not taken a comprehensive pre-marital class and you need to learn the best husband hacks to help you elevate your wife life.

You had a vision for your marriage and you're not living it. You and your bae are not where you want to be or you two are "off" and it's affecting your ability to get along.

You have unresolved issues in your marriage and you've been hoping and praying that being married would automatically make everything better (and it hasn't) and it's affecting how you and your spouse interact with each other.

You've been too busy to tap into your full potential to bring your whole, happy self into your marriage.

You may not have been around wives who had a positive and healthy marriages that you could learn from; so you missed out on learning some key strategies that could help you navigate your own role as a wife.

Whether you can relate to just one scenario or all of them, you're not alone and there's nothing to be ashamed of.

It's about owning your truth, believing that better is possible, and taking intentional action steps to change the trajectory of your relationship.

I am here to tell you this doesn’t have to be your marriage. If you are willing to do your part to improve your situation, why wait another day?

The happy wife life can be yours and you can leave all of those scenarios in the past!


What will you discover in the

DNA of a Happy Wife® program?

Vow 1:

Manage The Expectations

  • Pinpoint the source of your expectations so you can find healthy measures of fulfillment.
  • Learn strategies to keep the peace and work together, even when you may not be in agreement.
  • Make a plan for each other's roles and responsibilities so that each spouse feels supported.


Vow 2:

Fine-Tune Your Friendship

  • Reignite the excitement of spending quality time together so you both want to make it a priority.
  • Reinvent the roommate-to-helpmate-to-soulmate stages of your relationship, helping you befriend your spouse again.
  • Restructure the activities in your busy day to make you feel like a priority and bring positivity into your day.

Vow 3:

Communicate for Deeper Connection

  • Harness the power of your tongue and hold off from blasting off so you can talk in a calm voice and not just yell, so he’s more open and receptive to listening to you.
  • Learn how to read into what your partner is really saying underneath their words, so you can truly understand him and his needs.
  • Find how to broach sensitive subjects easily and at the perfect time, so you can have more productive conversations with your spouse.

Vow 4:

Calm the Conflict

  • Decompress your stress so you don't come for your spouse and you and your bae can work as a team together, instead of battling each other.
  • Argue in a clean way, without hitting below the belt and feelings aren't hurt, and the communication can stay open between the two of you.
  • Apply forgiveness even when you don’t want to for the sake of your own mental and emotional health.

Vow 5:

Spice Up Your Sexuality

  • Initiate and engage in passionate foreplay and sex even when you’re tired as heck.
  • Recognize the damaging effects of purposefully withholding sex.
  • Establish protocols for what’s open, what’s closed, what’s new, and what’s old.

Vow 6:

Trigger Two-Way Trust

  • Say what you mean and mean what you say so there's no confusion or misunderstanding.
  • Identify what it takes to create a safe space so you can both be vulnerable enough to share your truest thoughts with each other.
  • Minimize the risk of extramarital affairs and rebuild trust after the discovery of an emotional and physical affair.

Vow 7:

Finesse Your Finances

  • Create a monthly budget, establish financial roles, and establish money practices that work for you both.
  • Resolve money conflicts caused when one spouse makes significantly less money than the other spouse.
  • Create spending habits that let you live your best life and save money so you can build wealth - all at the same time!


You have more influence over your man and your marriage than you think you may do

In this program, you'll learn the tools and techniques that no one has told you. Don't worry, I'll fill in the blanks for you. It's not your fault that you don't know. Just know that you have the power to influence your man and your marriage. Register today and trust the process!

So, what are you waiting for?



Find everything you need to build a thriving marriage inside

The LoversBond Hub

To access the program, you will receive a login and password to the LoversBond Hub. This is where you’ll gain access to the Love Lessons that include the Pre- and Post-Assessment, training on the 7 Vows, the LoveWork exercises, the LoveList, and our own private community.


Attend live online training sessions via Zoom (a free downloadable app).


All sessions are recorded. Rewatch the training sessions anytime you need to hear the strategies again and for extra support. So no need to stress if you can't show up live.


Ask questions and get feedback to help you for your specific situation. Get laser-focused coaching right there on the spot.


Assignments designed to help drive the results you’re looking for at home.  Some assignments are individual, some assignments are for you and your spouse, and some assignments will be turned in for feedback.


You are not alone. You will be inspired, supported and encouraged by other wives in the group. It is a phenomenal feeling to know that there are other like-minded wives who are also routing for your success.


You will take a self-assessment, at the beginning of the program, and a post-assessment at the end of the program.  This assessment will allow you to see where you are in terms of your marital progress as a wife.

Wives Only Affair®

Included as a bonus to this program, you will be automatically registered with a free regular ticket to the next Wives Only Affair® Virtual WifeFest, a virtual event to celebrate and empower wives. Yes, this event is for you to embrace your wivelihood!

guarantee ribbon

The Love It or Leave It Guarantee

I guarantee that I will provide you with key strategies that will help you increase your happiness as a wife. You must apply the love lessons taught in this program to experience a happier wife life.

If you decide that you no longer want to strive to be a happier wife, you can request a refund within 7 days of your first payment.


Hi, I’m Teleshia!

After 20 years of marriage, I've learned a lot about what it takes to create and nurture a thriving marriage.

I am Teleshia Delmar, the Wife Confidante and I am here to tell you, I know what you’re going through. I have been through it and made it to the other side and I want you to know that you can too!

My husband and I were married for years and then I realized we got to a point where we would talk, but we were talking AT each other. We would live under the same roof, but we were more like roommates: we just talked about the bills and the kids and we had no real connection with each other.

I was not ok with this. I knew we could be better. We could be happier! I started to work towards making our marriage a marriage that I wanted to be in. I figured, we were fine before this, if we think about it hard enough, it will go back to the way it used to be...right?!

Wrong. Boy, was I wrong!

As much as I wanted a magical fix to come through and put us back where we were on our wedding night, the mindset of “we will figure it out, we have to!” just wasn’t getting us where we wanted to be. It wasn’t making me a happy wife.

We realized after awhile that we needed that 3rd party, someone to come into our space and help us work on what we couldn’t see. My husband and I decided we would move forward and get the help we needed, both together and individually. We started attending couples AND individual counseling. We knew to be able to come together and make this union really, truly work, we also needed ourselves to be in the right place.

I decided “in my next life” I would talk about the ups and downs of married life and become a relationship guide. I loved being able to help women in the same situation I had once been. I wanted to change that and bring women together who were in similar situations. Together we could all work together to improve our marriages and elevate our wife life!

The biggest thing that I learned was that I was in more control of things than I thought.  I put in the work, and now, I’m happier than I’ve ever been as a wife. And I learned how to use my wife personality type to help my hubby, help me.

I want these tools to be yours, too. Because every woman deserves to know the control they have over their happiness!


Here’s what wives are saying about this program:

(names have been abbreviated for anonymity.)

glitter quotes
Before I joined the DNA of a Happy Wife course, I used to struggle with feeling extreme confusion about how to perfect myself as a wife. The teachings from Mrs.Delmar helps me to see things from a different perspective as well as teach me skills and techniques on how to go about dealing with conflict and challenges that comes with being married.

A.U., Columbus, Ohio

glitter quotes

I thoroughly enjoyed the DNA of a Happy Wife program. Teleshia is a very authentic, down to earth, transparent teacher. Since taking her course and listening to her live video sessions, I have learned ways to implement the strategies she gives in my marriage.  One of the things that really stands out to me is creating a safe word for those moments when there is a difference of opinion, I never thought to have something like that, but it has proven to be really helpful. I would encourage all wives to actively participate in all her courses, workshops and live video sessions.

T.B., Fayetteville, North Carolina

glitter quotes

This has helped us tremendously. With the uncertainty of the world, it was weighed a lot of frustration on the both of us. We forgot our why and spending time with one another. Thank you for this challenge because it was truly fun.

A.B., North Augusta, South Carolina

glitter quotes

Even after being married 19 years, I learned so much. Really appreciated the assessment. It is absolutely worth the investment.

A.A., Baltimore, Maryland

glitter quotes

As a new wife-to-be everything shared was a little nugget of inspiration and guidance as I start this new journey.

K.T., Alexandria, Virginia

glitter quotes

Teleshia was a very good facilitator. She is genuine and has proven expertise to lead the group.

T.P., Bowie, Maryland


Program Highlights

Training on the 7 vows designed to pour into you as a woman and improve your self-esteem, your self-worth, and your self-confidence in your role as a wife (Value $5,000)

Vow 1: Manage the Expectations

Vow 2: Fine-Tune Your Friendship

Vow 3: Communicate for Deeper Connection

Vow 4: Calm the Conflict

Vow 5: Spice Up Your Sexuality

Vow 6: Trigger Two-Way Trust

Vow 7: Finesse Your Finances

Q&A Sessions to get feedback and help with your most important issues (Value $2,100)

LoveWork Exercises to help you put what you're learning into action immediately at home (Value $997)

LoveList, a curated selection of books I recommend to help you find and strengthen your bond, bring excitement into your marriage, and find the life of a happy wife through your happiness (Value $127)

Plus, you get these bonuses!

BONUS 1:  Pre- and Post-Assessment (value $250)

BONUS 2:  Access to our Private Community (value $100)

BONUS 3:  One Regular Ticket to the next Wives Only Affair®️ (value $97)


Today's Price: $1,188

Payment Options:

1 Payment of $997

Additional Savings

4 Payments of $297

Flexible Option


Questions smart ladies like you asked before joining us inside:

Yes.  In my many years of being marriage and being a relationship coach, I have learned and experienced what a happy marriage looks like. With the tools and techniques I bring to this course, I want to teach you the strategies to be a happier wife! I cannot do the work for you, but I will certainly put the tools in your hand and give you the power to influence your relationship in a more positive place.

Your investment includes:

  • Training on the 7 vows designed to pour into you as a woman and improve your self-esteem, yourself-worth, and your self-confidence in your role as a wife
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • LoveWork Exercises
  • LoveList 
  • BONUS 1: Pre- and Post-Assessment
  • BONUS 2: 24/7 Access to our Private Community
  • BONUS 3:  1 Regular Ticket to the Next Wives Only Affair® Virtual WifeFest

Enrollment is open now and the doors will close on Monday, May 3rd. The first class starts on Tuesday, May 4th. 

Good question.  Not sure yet.  Enroll now.

Yes. This program is for wives and wives-to-be so if you are engaged, you can enroll in this program too. And I might add that this is a very mature decision you're making.

Once you register for the program, you will get IMMEDIATE access to the LoversBond Hub right away. You will use your email address as your login and establish your password. Once you log in, you may change your password. 

There is a welcome video waiting for you when you get there and some pre-work in there to get you started on this wonderful journey.

The program is 10 weeks. By setting the pace at 10 weeks, this gives us enough time to spend each week going through each vow in detail, to give you time to implement the LoveWork Exercises, and to ask questions if you need further insights and strategies for proper implementation - all without getting overwhelmed.

And I would also say that this program is a part of your marital lovekit that you can refer back to whenever things get sticky, whether a few months from now, a year from now, or decades from now. These strategies work, over and over again!  Married life is full of ups and downs, so use this time to help you better prepare for when those down times come.

If you think that 10 weeks is too long, I would ask you to reset your mindset. If you really think about how long you have been married and how much longer you plan on being married, 10 weeks to improve your role as a wife so you can move mountains in your marriage is really a small amount of time in comparison. 

This program is not for wives who:

  • Are you expecting to change your spouse or if you think that your spouse will do everything your way to make you happy.
  • Are not willing to make an investment of your time, your effort, and your resources to understand what it means to be a happy wife and work towards leveling up your happiness.
  • Suffer from physical, substance, emotional, or sexual abuse, or if you have a mental illness. Please see a qualified licensed professional immediately.

The emotional, mental, physical, and psychological
investment to help you become a happier wife is

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!


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